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Kate Brown

New Zealand and Nepal Guide

Kate has guided many hiking adventures, from trekking in the deserts of Australia to the mountains of New Zealand and now the trails of the Himalayas. She works exceptionally well with the local porters and guides to provide her groups with a fun and unique experience, ensuring that everyone is well taken care of, stays healthy and happy and faces the challenge of trekking each day with a smile on their face. She has boundless energy and is completely at home in the mountains.


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  • “Kate was invaluable during this trip. She really helped me out and went above-and-beyond what I expected of my guide. She also has a lot of knowledge and respect for the local culture (which was very nice to see).”
    Preetha Krishnan (San Francisco, California, United States) April, 2013
  • “We called her 'Amazing' Kate. She did an awesome job of getting us around the countryside, while working through the weather/logistics issues. Very professional. Her and Amanda made for an excellent team.”
    Dirk Weirauch (Metamora, Michigan, United States) December, 2012
  • “Kate brown was a wonderful guide. We were fortunate to have Kate to make our trip special. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job... Thanks Kate - love ya!!”
    George Peterson (St. Louis, Missouri, United States) December, 2012
  • “She helped me greatly. I would go on a trip just because she was leading it.”
    William Champion (Delaware, United States) November, 2012
  • “Kate spent a lot of time at the back of the pack with me and Bill, never trying to make us hurry or catch up, but always assuring us that our pace was fine.”
    Rosella Champion (Delaware, United States) November, 2012
  • “She was very knowledgeable and always followed up on all requests. I felt cared for and supported by her.”
    Jennifer Wada (Hawaii, United States) November, 2012
  • “Kate was wonderful! She is very down to earth, supportive, and always willing to chat, share a story or answer questions. She fought through a significant sickness for a few days and still managed to be cheerful, helpful and supportive while she felt bad. She was encouraging and reassuring and just a pleasant person to be around. She's a great guide! She, too, is putting a lot of effort into bettering her knowledge of culture and language so she has more to share with guests.”
    Kathryn Searl (California, United States) November, 2012
  • “Kate was very attentive. The feeling was that she was experiencing the trip with us (even though she was clearly in much better shape and knew much more about Nepal in general). It made for a closer group, I think.”
    Read Bixby (Texas, United States) November, 2012

Trip Reviews

4.50 out of 5 (from 13792 reviews)

Best trip I have ever taken

“There are many layers to this trip
1. The Group - It was really fun being in a group, and our group was really fun! Sometimes I hung out with people in my family, sometimes I hung out with someone else in the group. This variety and freedom was very enjoyable.
2. The Guides - Koru and Ash were sooo great. Koru is a polished, learned and experienced leader. Ash is a fabulous cook, so much fun, and cared about each of us on the trip.
3. The Country - Stunning! We covered so much of the South Island that we were able to see many sides of it's weather and terrain. Really great route.
4. Activities - It was great sharing a physical activity with others, something I know brings people together. Hiking was great. At the end of a long hike was a fabulous surprise, like a glacial lake with ice burgs, or a beautiful high-mountain vista, or a glo-worm tunnel. Biking was super fun, and I wish there had been one more day of it. In hind site I personally would have selected the biking 3day excursion. The kayaking was great. Heavy chop or glassy lakes, we kayaked in it.
5. Accommodations - These were just great. As nice as it can be being out in the countryside. I loved how we all ate together every meal.
5. Pace - I thought the trip was very well planned. Just when we needed a break in the beginning from jet lag, and our trip activities, a two day respite was there in Queenstown where we could recharge. I recharged and my family bungy jumped! Also, activities were structured so that the not so keen could bail out at a stopping point.”
Ginny Nayden's Review Image
– Maryland, United States
Rimu, January 2017
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