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Lina Castles

New Zealand Guide

Caroline, or Lina as she is known round here, is an incredibly capable and experienced guide, traveller and outdoors-woman. Her talents and skills will mean your trip will run like clockwork as she'll be making sure everything behind the scenes is under control. She has guided on overland trucks in Africa, taught in classrooms for twenty five years, driven eighteen wheeler trucks across New Zealand and travelled throughout South America, so her limits know no bounds! She will make sure you learn a lot about New Zealand and enjoy every moment of your time here.


Check out Lina's 10 Questions Blog Post.


  • “Lina, was the BEST she was very patient, she encouraged me a lot, that I was able to do the activities she made me feel comfortable as we were not as active as we thought we were. Everybody should have a LINA as a Tour guide. She made our holiday a HOLIDAY we will talk about for a very long time. Sandra”
    Sandra Kennedy (Aurora, Ontario, Canada) March, 2013
  • “Lina was awesome. I've been on a lot of guided trips and she is one of the best I've experienced. She had to make a tough call during our trip which I thought she handled amazing. I never felt stressed or concerned during our 2 weeks which is a feat as I tend to be a planner/control freak. I had 100% trust in Lina.”
    Erica Chapman (Skillman, New Jersey, United States) December, 2012
  • “Lina was very attentive, informative and helpful throughout. Guides don't get any better than this. Hats off to Lina and Heather. They are very engaging guides.”
    Loren Parsons (Boulder, Colorado, United States) March, 2011
  • “Lina was amazing! Great sense of humor, lots of stories about Maoris and Kiwi matters in general. We had fun with her descriptions of the upcoming hikes - she would describe them as "undulating", which we quickly found out meant lots of ups and downs. We teased her about hikes after that - "is this one undulating or straight up?" I felt she was a cautious and safe driver. We loved her!”
    Judy Falconer (South Bristol, Maine, United States) January, 2011
  • “Lina did a fantastic job. She made sure everything was well taken care of even despite a few bad weather days. And a special thank you to Lina who understood that I really wanted to do the Mt Cook hike and provided the encouragement and trust to complete it! And Lina was a great driver!”
    Cheryl Bleakley (Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States) December, 2010
  • “Lina was a highlight of this trip. She was so knowledgeable and helpful. She was a wealth of information. Best guide ever! I wish I could explain in words how wonderful this trip was! How wonderful the New Zealand people are! How awesome your guides were! How fun the activities were! I've traveled to some beautiful places and this trip was unforgettable!”
    Karen Bleakley (Brookeville, Maryland, USA) December, 2010
  • “Lina was amazing! She was friendly, warm and had a great and sly sense of humor. Her take on Maori legends and traditions was wonderful - and slightly cheeky. She was always willing to answer questions and really shared her love of both the outdoors and of New Zealand. It was a real pleasure spending two weeks in her company.”
    Nicole Post (Copenhagen, Denmark) November, 2010
  • “Lina was excellent. Her professionalism and knowledge of New Zealand was great. Took great care of us and was always prepared with a plan B.”
    Scott Phillips (Alpharetta, Georgia, United States) November, 2010
  • “I was really impressed with the depth of her knowledge of not only New Zealand and Maori culture, but also her world travel experiences. She really imparted her love and enthusiasm of NZ to us all.”
    Pat Leong (Cupertino, California, United States) October, 2010
  • “Lina was outstanding. I felt very luck to have her as our trip leader. She told many Maori stories, which added flavor and history to the trip. She made an effort to get to know everyone. She gave a wonderful and warm-hearted speech during our last night together. I couldn't have asked for better guides, who are also wonderful individuals.”
    Sharon Su (Providence, Rhode Island, United States) October, 2010

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