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Galapagos Islands Guide

Where did you grow up?
I was born here on Santa Cruz Island and this is also where I grew up, surrounded by the most unique wildlife on earth.

What’s your favourite sport or activity?
My love for sports such as surfing, skateboarding, snorkelling with sharks, mountain biking and everything related with the outdoors has helped me to keep in touch with the amazing national park we have here.

Your dream destination?
I´d love to go to South Africa to learn the culture and enjoy the wildlife, which is my passion…

One sentence that sums you up?
I am extremely fond of nature, which is why I love what I do.

Most delicious meal that you can cook?
I´m good at cooking seafood… especially seafood ceviche.

One tip for our travellers?
Once you get here, you will realize the animals are not tame but still harmless and friendly. You will have the chance to take with you the memories of your experience and you will feel the power of the Islands that change the world… 

Zambo, Pepo and two clients


  • “Zambo is a truly superb guide. His knowledge of the islands and wildlife is of the highest standard and his enthusiasm for guiding us around his home was infectious. I particularly respected his awareness of safety at all times and his professionalism in dealing with difficulties wherever they arose. Zambo was very helpful whenever I had a problem (e.g. finding a working ATM) and went out of his way to solve problems for other participants.”
    Abigail Fox (Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand) November, 2012
  • “Zambo was fantastic. He was professional, knowledgeable, fun, always positive and smiling, and made sure we all had a wonderful trip. 10 out of 10!”
    Valerie McGuinn (Bangkok, Thailand) December, 2011
  • “Zambo was awesome. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient, available. At one point on Isabela he took us off the beaten path to try humitas. We were a group of 14 and I was impressed by the way he related to all ages and interests.”
    Cynthia Standley (Encinitas, California, United States) December, 2011
  • “EXCELLENT! Zambo was by FAR the best guide I have had on ANY trip any where I have travelled in the world. He had the patience of a saint, knowledge beyond compare and ALWAYS made sure we were 'happy'.”
    Lisa Walters (Loveland, Colorado, United States) April, 2011
  • “Words cannot express how delighted we were with Zambo! Knowledge and attention to detail was incredible. Always a smile despite constant barrage of sometimes inane questions. A new friend for life!”
    Adrian Rogers (Brooklyn, New York, United States) April, 2011
  • “THE BEST! Give that kid a raise. I'm serious, he cares so much about his job. I loved that he had his camera with him and really was knowledgeable about EVERYTHING. We had some really difficult personalities in our group and he handled it with STYLE and professionalism.”
    Julia Wright (Brooklyn, New York, United States) April, 2011
  • “Zambo was a wonderful guide. His enthusiasm was contagious, and he is full of excellent facts about the region. He certainly knows his stuff!”
    Kathy Layng (Chicago, Illinois, United States) April, 2011
  • “Zambo was awesome! He knew everything! And, he has tons of super positive energy. There was a "difficult" family in our group and Zambo handled them with kindness and finesse. Our trip would not have been nearly as great if we had any other trip leader!”
    Johanna Toth (Schoolcraft, Michigan, United States) December, 2010

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