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Jhayro Ludena

Ecuador Guide

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Quito, Ecuador

What’s your favourite sport or activity?
Hiking, fishing and bird watching.

Your dream destination?
Peru and Chile by my motorcycle

One sentence that sums you up?
This life is just one, enjoy it!

Most delicious meal that you can cook?
Ecuadorian shrimp ceviche is my specialty

One tip for our travellers?
Eating yogurt before you travel is a great way to help cope with bacterial infestations. However, if you are lactose-intolerant and yogurt is not an option, try 'probiotics' capsules instead. They are available in most stores that sell vitamins. These probiotics help your system to fortify its own natural defence against the bacteria found in the water supplies, fresh fruits, uncooked vegetables, etc. of foreign countries.

Jhayro with his 'Tapir' group

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  • "Jhayro was an excellent guide, who ensured our comfort, safety and 100% satisfaction at all times!"
    Joyce Lim (Singapore) July, 2013
  • "An outstanding guide who quickly bonded with our group and helped to immediately immerse us into the culture. Jharyo was so attentive to such a diverse group of personalities. With Jharyo, safety was first and then we had fun, fun, fun. He was so accommodating and fun and had a huge smile on his face no matter what. We exhausted him and it never showed."
    Samantha Johnston (Arvada, Colorado, United States) May, 2013
  • "Incredible performance by one of the most knowledgeable and adventure based individuals I've ever met. His abilities as a tour guide out shined any guide that we encountered throughout our 25 day trip. He possesses the qualities that all tour guides should try and emulate. Thank you Jharyo for the trip of a lifetime."
    Kayleigh Wallace (Hawaii, United States) February, 2013
  • "He was able to change things when there was hiccups -- he was pleasant and knowledgeable. Loved the personal touch re: lunch at his in-laws and being able to meet his wife and children."
    Bev Steffler (Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada) November, 2011
  • "THE BEST guide I've ever had--and I've had many. He went out of his way to make sure all our needs were met, was always cheerful and informative, took us to out of the way places to see the real Ecuador. When we had special requests (like eating cuy) he made sure we were accommodated. I am a birder and let him know and he made sure that I got time to bird and always pointed out birds to me. THE BEST GUIDE EVER."
    Thomas Ress (Athens, Alabama, United States) May, 2011
  • "Jhayro is the best. At least twice he came through with the impossible. He was very knowledgeable. He clearly is very proud of his country. He has great connections. He took care of every little thing we wanted. He provided us with so much information and extras and was so very sincere and warm and fun. I can't say enough good things about him and would recommend him to the highest degree to anyone wanting to see Ecuador."
    Suzie Bovine (Dallas, Texas, United States) May, 2011
  • "Jhayro was amazing. He took a group of wide ranging ages and needs and catered the trip to everything we needed. He was able to read the weather and the group to determine if an activity was unreasonable and he was truly wonderful."
    Sara Spery and family (Lakewood, Colorado, United States) April, 2011
  • "AWESOME, you bet! We were with Jhayro on Good Friday and over the holiday weekend. We were welcomed guests in his home for a wonderful traditional meal (Fonseca) and were able to experience the Good Friday commemorative procession. We felt we were part of the (village of) Alangasi community... not just "on tour". "
    Bonnie Hartman (Centennial, Colorado, United States) April, 2011

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